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Optus ADSL2+/NBN 4G Back-up


Just a thought, is Optus likely to offer ADSL2+/NBN plans with a built-in back-up 4G connection?
Telstra do with their "smart modem" for both ADSL and NBN customers, while Vodafone have the same for NBN only (as they don't offer ADSL).

When the time comes to switch over to the NBN, I'm strongly considering changing so that I'm less likely to ever be without an internet connection (insert millennials can't live without the internet joke here).

Re: Optus ADSL2+/NBN 4G Back-up


Not taking away from the idea because I think it's great, but those back ups are limited to 6Mbps I believe. It's still a workable option during an outage but your phone is capable of hotspotting at a far higher speed so for me, I don't see it as a big deal when it comes to choosing between provided. Price and customer service in the NBN world are what I am more worried about.


Also, no Optus have made mention of doing this in the future and I don't think they will. 

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Re: Optus ADSL2+/NBN 4G Back-up


It's true, 6Mbps isn't alot, it's only just worse than what I get on my mobile where I live though (get 9-10mbps via 4G and ADSL2+).
Just a great idea as an interim, where you don't have to worry about your mobile data or switching household devices to your mobile hotspot.


Re: Optus ADSL2+/NBN 4G Back-up


Hey @Scottitch,


Thanks for reaching out to us, it's certainly a great idea but I can't confirm if this is a feature we'll be supporting any time soon. I've passed on your feedback to our Fixed Network team as we're always looking for opportunities to improve our service.


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