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Optus 5G Mobile Broadband problems

I'm having some issues with my 5G Mobile Broadband and despite messaging my Optus 5G case manager they haven't gotten back to me (I'm tipping this is related to the COVID-19 impacts going on).

The problem I am having has been that I am having OK to poor signal strength and low signal to noise ratio which I have confirmed by logging in to the modem settings. Although the internet seems to work well and is definitely faster than the NBN was (usually I get around 250-300Mbps), I get frequent connection issues when gaming on the connection which I believe is due to packet loss caused the aforementioned signal strength and signal to noise ratio issues.

On the 14th of February I was contacted by my 5G case manager stating that they believed I was having connection issues and would like to contact me. At this point in time we had only just started experiencing connection issues and had not reached out to Optus for assistance, but I guess for whatever reason Optus knew we were having issues. On contact with my case managed I was told the modem needed to be replaced due to requiring new firmware and this could only be done by being sent a new modem and sending the old one back. While waiting for the new modem the problems seemed to become more frequent. After receiving & setting up the new modem there was no change, just a nicer looking modem configuration page with some extra features.

It was at this stage that I did some research and figured out my signal strength was not very good (usually between -85 and -90dBm) and the signal to noise ratio was also too low (usually between 15 and 20dB).

Not long after this for some odd reason I received another 5G Modem, I believe this has been sent by mistake as I already got sent the new one and they both state 'Nokia 5G Modem (2019) v2' on the Delivery Note.

I have sent a text message to my case manager about both of these things but have not gotten a reply and would appreciate some assistance here if possible. The 5G enabled phone tower is 360m away from my house, I can clearly see the top of the tower from the front yard of my house but from inside the house other houses are between the tower and our house, which I guess could cause some interference. Also I'm interested to know if anyone else has had similar problems and if they have any tips to improve things.

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Re: Optus 5G Mobile Broadband problems

I too, can see the Tower, about the same distance as you. I've no idea what the range of signal these towers have but, I would think within approx. 300-400Mtrs it would be about as good as it gets?

Anyway, the recurring problem with signal strength (internet speed Etc.) seems to vary quite a lot.

Sometimes the old "green dot"= powerful signal v's "red dot" = poor signal scenario occurs. No idea why, and no one at Optus seems to be able to provide a logical explanation either, which is not exactly helpful. Usually they (Optus Tech's) suggest "re-setting" the modem. This works for a while, then we return to the "red dot"=poor signal situation. I "thought" this 5G Wireless would be the answer, but having used it for three months now, I'm not so sure.

I'll keep an eye on the thread and see if anyone else can provide further explanation/advice.

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