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A year ago I asked about whether Optus provided - either directly or through resellers - a product that allowed opening of incomming ports.  At that time they did not as products the provided didnt have public IP addresses.


After a year of using the terrible (constant dropouts!) NBN and seeing the Data-only plans steadily drop in price I'm digging around the mobile providers to see if any provide this yet as there is ready market!  I need this so I can remotely RDP to my home boxes, also access my private webservices as well as some other services.


So Crowd, do Optus provide this on residential plans yet?



Re: Open ports on Mobile Internet


Are you talking about Port Forwarding? I can access home equipment while out and about.


However this is only residential NBN etc. My understanding is the mobile broadband network can not assign individual external IP addresses to customers. I wouldn't expect this to change soon but yes it would probably be a welcome development.


I would suggest your NBN experience could be improved though. I take it you are on FTTN? Are you able to get 90Mbps or only less? Are you only using the Optus supplied modem?


Peter Gillespie

Re: Open ports on Mobile Internet


Only on Business Mobile Broadband, via a Optus Business Centre, $5 extra a month.


Does not include consumer plans nor 200/500gb Wireless Broadband plans 

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