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Ongoing Landline Priblem


I've had landline problems for about a month. When using the phone, I get disconnected and when I try to reconnect I get response "The number you have dialled is incorrect, please check and redial". The numbers used ARE correct as they are stored in the phone. Sometimes also getting static but getting cutoff when talking is very frustrating. Reported problem to Optus (after waiting half and hour on phone) on 23/04/18 and was advised there are similar problems in my area that have been oustanding since 10/04/18. Given a 'ticket number' (ref 18542067) and advised by operator (Ayaz, refered to Nicholas) that this would be prioritised due to the lenghth and mulitple reports. Used phone the next day and seemed fixed. Tried again the day after and the same problem again. I don't believed this has been fixed and don't wish to spend time on the phone again (if it works) speaking to someone offshore. Been an Optus customer for quite some time and always like their service, until now. Frustrated, what can be done?


Re: Ongoing Landline Priblem

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I'm sorry to hear that the issue has reared it's again @KSD.

I've checked fault reference - 18542067. This one was raised for an area outage in Beaumaris VIC.

Are you able to send us a PM with your account details?

I need your full name, DOB and landline number.

If necessary, I can always raise a case with our case management team. 


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