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OPtus b525s-65a local update file

is there anyway too get the local update file frot he b525 65a or can i flash the stock file from huawei on this router to open all the functionality although i dont need it...

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Re: OPtus b525s-65a local update file

Hey @babyf4c3 thanks for reaching out. I'm not too sure on your request, however if you could please send through some more context on your enquiry to our 24 Messenger Teams via the Optus App and from there we would be more than happy to take a closer look to assist in the best possible way. 

Just in case as well, I would also recommend having a look at our Modem Guides which will provide you with some more information on the device and the settings within to guide you through the router

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Re: OPtus b525s-65a local update file

@B4byf4c3If you want to load non Optus firmware into the modem then optus will NOT help you.

For Optus upgrades they will be pushed out by Optus when they get them and potentially test them.


If you do want to go back to the standard non Optus modified firmware then you will need to find out for yourself on how to do it. Saying that have search on whirlpool to see if anyone has done it.

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