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What OPTUS prepared USB modem is compatable with Windows 10 AND has a valid IP address configeration. Living regionally and nearest OPTUS shop is 100km+ away. Getting desparate

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Nearly all of them are USB modems. All the hotspots plug in USB. I presume you've had a bad experience with an E3372 after Windows 10 upgrade. It take Microsoft a while to update.


Ones that get 700Mhz are


MF920V (target, officeworks)

MF910z  (Telstra 3G, but not Optus)


E5573  (Coles)


Generally you are better off interfacing by wifi, with an ac600 dongle




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Thanks fopr your reply, Windows 10 keep telling me my old modem is malfunctioning,  so bought the E3372 at Australia post ($40),autoran it only to find it unable to connect and the IP address unconfigured.Even the E3351 that I used with my Windows 7 laptop until Sept last year with no problems is not accepted by windows 10 (no valid ID address.)

As I am a pensioner with a hearing impairment I rely on emails and the internet to keep me connected to the outside world. 

After using Windows 7 for years, windows 10 is a nightmare


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The future-proof solution is to use wifi. Wifi provides better reception, because you can put the hotspot in a good place up on a window somewhere.


You can get these from a local shop, but they will cost more than $13. They have 5Ghz band.


Dumb old fashion one with antenna


The MF920V from target should have long wifi range, so you can make telephone calls over wifi with some of the newer expensive phones




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