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New Contributor

Non direct debit fees

Why am i being charged for not using direct debit.


1. This charge was recently added without notification. You must by law provide notification if you wish to change your fees and charges. 

2. You can not by law charge someone a fee because they choose to pay via bpay 

3. Please dont bother stating this fee has always been there as i have been with your company for quite some time and the charges just started 2 months ago. Take note i am always in credit when i receive the bills.



Please provide me the best excuse why your starting to scam your customers? And before you say it no i wont private message you.



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Occasional Contributor
Occasional Contributor

Re: Non direct debit fees

Hello, I've had some issues with the Optus non direct debit fees and found the online help people to be no help. If you need an email to contact someone at Optus who can actually help try:
*. they are various management people.


Good luck!


*edit, removed employee email addresses.

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