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New Contributor DonaldTrump69
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Non Direct Debit Fee

Why do i have to pay a fee if i am not usaing direct debit?


and if i did use it and you take the money out of my account and i have no money in my account i would be hit with a dishonor fee from you then a fee from my bank.


i want you to stop charging me this stupied fee it cost you nothing for me to pay my bills any other way


$2 fee each month for 12 months wow how low can optus go tbh


and i am currecntly on a goverment Pension and every dollor counts 

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Re: Non Direct Debit Fee

Then I would suggest you set up a direct debit?


If you search "Direct Debit" on this forum you'll find the issue has annoyed more people than yourself. However it is not a negotiable fee. Direct Debits provide companies with an increased probablility of bills being paid and of being paid on time. There's also likely lower transactional costs for Optus. 


If you can't pay a bill (for any reason) then a $15 late fee may likely apply. I can understand why you want to have fine control over exactly when you pay a bill, but Optus only debit your account on the last day possible to pay anyway.


If you wanted to avoid any chance of overdrawn fees at the bank then you could arrange to pay your next bill amount in ahead of time manually and just keep doing this each month. This way you always have funds in your account. When the direct debit time arrives the funds will be used before turning to the bank. It even gives you a one month payment buffer if something happens one month.




Peter Gillespie

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Occasional Contributor Mars22
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Re: Non Direct Debit Fee

Hello, I've had some issues with Optus and found the online help people to be no help. If you need an email to contact someone at Optus who can actually help try:
* they are various management people.


Good luck!


* edit, removed employee email addresses.

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