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Contributor mrklun

No internet for a week! How is this allowed?

Have been happy with my cable connection for a while now since NBN isn't yet available in my area but for the past week there has been a constant outage. I'd be lucky if I get about an hour of internet per day. Calling Optus is useless since their trained monkeys can only tell you to either restart or reset the modem and book in a technician who will come out to tell you that there is nothing he could do in the event of an outage. My question is, how can this be allowed to go on for this long in this day and age where the internet is just as important as the electricity in our homes. Everything is connected to the internet. Home Phone, Fetch TV, gaming consoles, IOT's, smart TV's etc. As a technician myself, I understand that there can be an outage in an area due to unforseen circumstances but for a whole week? It's ridiculous! It poses a safety risk for children during the school holidays also, since parents are unable to get in touch with them during work hours. No home phone, no Messenger, no means of communicating to see if everything is ok. I'm starting to think this will make a great court case.. Come on Optus, I like you but you are slacking off. In a world where the internet is so important, there should not be any stuff ups this big. Here's a tip: Start utilising modems that are capable of accessing the 4G network during an outage. This way the internet can keep going and you won't be bombarded with constant negative feedback because everyone will be happy. A win win for everyone! 

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Trusted Contributor

Re: No internet for a week! How is this allowed?

As a technician you would surely understand that it depends on the scope of the problem? For example if a major cable has been damaged, it takes time to haul and repair the strands of the cable. It's not a simple "light switch" fix, it also depends if parts are needed, cable hauled, permits etc etc.


I also find it strange that you claim "the monkeys" are booking techs who then say "its an area outage", because the staff you insulted by calling them monkeys would see the area outage and thus log a ticket against that outage than send a tech needlessly to your home.


As for your "in this day and age", consumer internet has no service level agreements or promises of uptime. Yeah I don't deny it sucks that it's down but it happens and we move on. Optus can supply a "temporary internet solution" if you request it via faults, or your other option is to log a formal complaint via

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