No internet access on 1 device


Hi all.  We have a new Optus broadband connection and new Huawei HG659 router.  It all works on our iPads and laptops - but not our PC running windows 10.  It worked for a day, then intermittently now not at all.  The PC connects to the router but there is no internet connection. 


My guess is that the lack of connection has something to do with the DHCP number being assigned to the PC.   On the PC, the Huawei connections all keep reverting to 'public' instead of the 'private' that we select.  No sure if this is impacting it at all.


Any comments from people who have had this before and solved it greatfully received.  (I'm guessing we're not the first).




Re: No internet access on 1 device


How many devices do you have around the house? How are you connecting the PC, wifi or wire? Check for any network adaptor update. Download the driver for your network adaptor, uninstall it. Reboot the computer and reinstall the network adaptor. 

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