No data rollover?


I don't see now in this day & age why when you pay $60 a month for 200gb of data on a 4G wireless modem that you don't offer customers the option of rolling over the data they don't use?  Most companies do.

Re: No data rollover?

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Perhaps I'm confusing the service you are talking about. Mobile Broadband generally doesn't have a rollover option from anyone?


Optus - No

Telstra - No

Vodaphone - No

TPG - No

Amayasim - No

Exetel - No


PrePaid Mobile generally has Roll over but costs more and has lower data limits eg. Boost - Yes (but $60 buys ~70Gb)


Do you have an example of a Telco that does provide what you are asking for?


FWIW the 4G networks have been oversold already on mobile broadband capability. 100Gb+ Plans put a lot of strain on the capacity. Allowing people to store up even more data would probably not be able to be supported by the infrastructure.


Peter Gillespie

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