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No customer service and overcharge


I am an Optus customer. I think I will be well served but Optus made me pay more than the amount I have to pay for the $ 60 plan per month. Usually, I have to pay more than $ 70 per month plus $ 2.20 that I have to pay more even though I pay online on time. I tried to contact them via chat but no one answered. I think it's time for me to give up their service from today onward.


Re: No customer service and overcharge

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The $2.20 will be because you have not set up a direct debit payment arrangement with Optus. That is the only payment method that doesn't attract a fee.


Not sure about the $70 you're paying for a $60 plan though? You will need to talk to them amout what plan you are on and that all discounts have been applied. Chat is generally available 24/7 so I'd suggest having another go when you get the time (Perhaps request the Billing Department). 


Note that most mobile plans have exit fees as listed in their CIS (usually a few $100) so just confirm you will be able to leave without penalty before you go.


Peter Gillespie


PS If there's been a $10 overcharge Optus will recredit that on request.

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