No caller ID on incoming calls


HI,  I had the N B N hooked up yesterday, the computer and home  phone work well however, I have no caller I D on incomming calls since connection. Yesterday I called Optus, pressed button for technical from the menue, then waited over 40 mins for some one to answer, then was told they could not help and  I was being transfered to technical. Are they for real? After waiting for what seemed hours, but was proberly just another 40 minutes I advised the optus customer service person of my problem. She was very nice, took note of my problem with an attitude that she seemed to care. I waited whilst she said she would talk to some one (proberly technical) then came back to me and advised I would have caller I D on incoming calls with in one to four hours. Still has not happened.

I am not wanting to waste another hour plus of my life on the phone to Optus, to get no result. Can any one out there help me. Tezza

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