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No Phone, Internet, or Fetch TV for 40 hours and counting

I have a cable internet connection, that also includes my fixed line phone (my phones plug into the cable modem) as well as Fetch TV.


We noticed that the internet, phone, and FetchTV had all gone offline at 4:30pm on Wednesday.


After trying the usual restarts, I jumped onto the internet from my work mobile phone, and confirmed that there was an outage in our area.


     "We've identified a fault which means Customers in the area may have no access to their Internet and Optus TV with Fetch services for the duration of the outage. We're working hard to have this issue resolved as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience" 


I lodged a tech support incident, and assumed that the issue would be fixed overnight, but when the issue still remained the next morning, I rang technical support to try and get an update. All tech support was able to do was confirm that there was an issue and that they were working on it. There were unable to give me any update on when a fix would occur.


It has now been over 40 hours without internet, fetch (even existing recordings won't play as the fetch box won't work without an interenet heartbeat).


What is more worrying though is the lack of telephone.


My elderly grandmother lives with me, and is home alone by herself all day. She can't drive, and has no means of calling for help if she has a medical emergency.


Does anyone know if I have any options? Could I for example purchase a (cheap) mobile phone for her to use until the service is restored, and get optus to reimburse this?


Not having any idea when the service will be restored is the killer. I don't know if she will have a working phone in 5 minutes, or 5 weeks.

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Re: No Phone, Internet, or Fetch TV for 40 hours and counting

I'm sorry we couldn't get to you sooner @SmashAshby


Where we at with this one? Are you still unable to make any use of your service?


If so, could we grab the post code for this one? Happy to check if there's been any movement on our end.


Let us know. 

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