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Have just moved into a house with Optus broadband and hae been told that there hasn't been a bill issued in over a year. No direct debit involved. Have been told that bills used to arrived and were paid, then a tech came out to fix a router issue and replaced routher with one from the van and thats when the billing stopped.


We're having some issues with the service, intermittant cut outs, really slow speeds and I'm petitioning to move to Business NBN as I work from home. We're worried that cancelling the sevice will result in all of the bills that have been unissued being released?


Anyone had any experince with this?

Re: No Optus broadband bill in over a year

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I have. Got a $2000 bill in the mail from the electricity company once. I'm the sort that does Bill Comes In = > Pay Bill => File Bill. If it doesn't come in I don't necessarily notice. Anyway they can back bill but there are rules around it (and in the telecommunications industry they're pretty reasonable).


1) Optus can't back charge for anything older than 160 days

2) Any back charge must provide at least as much time in delaying the bill to allow you to pay it.


So see what shakes out but if Optus try to insist on anything more than that then the contacting the TIO should resolve that quickly.


NB Not sure what petitioning for business NBN means? You can switch to NBN anytime without penalty. If you are under contract then that will just be revised to the new deal. As far as I can make out there really is no Optus NBN business offering (its just the residential plan - you even get the Fetch TV Entertainment pack). There doesn't seem to be any minimum performance benchmarks etc. that you'd expect from a business plan. 


FWIW My own experience was that Optus HFC Cable had slowly deteriorated as the NBN rollout continues. Its to be expected IMO as the whole network will be torn down shortly and as such spend lots on maintenance or upgrades is likely not a high priority. Switching to NBN would probably be a smart move (what technology will you be getting?)


Peter Gillespie

Re: No Optus broadband bill in over a year


You're welcome?

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