No Modem Delivered


I was able to received a text message that the new Optus service is already up and running on the new location and then I also received a text message that the "goods"(which I assume was the modem) should arrive within 3days. 3 working days has lapsed but still no modem delivered. No missed delivery card was left and I am in the new location with no way to connect to the internet that Optus promised.

5 working days has passed, I received message from "Toll Priority customer service" asking them to call me about a consignment delivery. I tried calling their customer service for 3 times and each has a minimum waiting time of  at least 15mins until I hang up on them.


This is not the service I was expecting from Optus, they should be my main contact and not a Third Party that I need to chase for my internet connection ot be done. I am not going to call them and waste another 15mins without results.


Anyway, is there anyone here that can help me resolve this and have Optus work on directly coordinating with me to have my modem delivered at my address so I can then check if there is already an internet connection at home.


Thank you.

Re: No Modem Delivered


Probably not what you'll want to hear but I think Optus will say (as well as Startrack) that the delivery is in your name so you need to speak with them. For legal and privacy reasons etc. But I could be wrong!

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