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No ADSL connection possible with Optus



I just moved to a new home and got Optus to move my broadband cable contract to my new house. As there is no cable connection in my new house, I was expecting to get my internet connection through ADSL. After few weeks of patience, I have been told that my address is not serviceable through ADSL by Optus. Is that really possible that Telstra does not allow Optus to lease their line ?

Strangely, I can see that my address is serviceable by other ISP (TPG, Spintel,...). My neighbour (it is a twin house, built at the same time) is serviceable by Optus ADSL.

Is there a procedure to request  to Telstra to allow OPTUS to lease the line ?



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Re: No ADSL connection possible with Optus

There is no "procedure" because Optus simply do not "lease" as you've put it, Telstra wholesale sold services. If Optus won't service it, you are out of luck.


You'll note if you try with like iiNet, TPG, Exetel, Spintel etc, these prices will be HIGHER because they are changing the price to recognise the fact you are in a wholesale only area.

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