Newly Built House Connection Issue


Hi, I have recently moved into a newly built house in the suburb of Cannon Hill, 5kms from the Brisbane CBD and am now wanting to get it connected to my current ADSL account. After calling Optus to get it connected they sent an email saying "We regret to inform you that due to network limitations on the Optus Direct Network, we are unable to proceed with your service connection". 


I find it hard to believe that they can't connect to my property. Could it have something to do with that it has never been connected to a phone service provider?



Re: Newly Built House Connection Issue


Hi davepattz, sorry for the news about us going ahead at the new address. This would relate to in the case of a newly build property, there's no network infrastructure allocated that we can connect to.


Telstra will always need to activate a service in the first instance, once this is done, generally speaking shouldn't be an issue with us activating. Hope this makes sense. If you do need further clarification  don't hesitate to let me know 

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