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New sign up - terrible onboarding experience


I've been trying to get an answer to the following questions, I'm hoping YesCrowd can help me out here as the support chat has been less than helpful.

1. I've been issued my first bill but I can't seem to setup direct debit through the MyAccount portal there is simply no link available to do so? How can I setup direct debit, surely it doesn't require the snail mail pdf to be filled out?

2. How long does it take for an account to be activated? Support seems to be having trouble finding my account whenever I request help via chat.... it ends up in multiple transfers and me pulling me hair out after being told many different things. My cable internet was connected on 22-05-2019 but support still seems to be having issues finding my account.  I've been issued my first bill which has a customer account number on it that differs from the account number shown in MyAccount.

3. I can't switch to email billing via MyAccount because it tells me that my name or account number is incorrect. I'm entering exactly what is on the physical bill that Optus has provided me.... which suggests there is something internally incorrect which I'm not privy to?

4. Tech support seems to be having a tough time applying the 100Mbps premium speed pack to my account. I signed up to legacy HFC with the $20 premium speed pack as that is what the signup process offered me. However on service activation I've noticed that I've been placed on an NBN 50Mbps plan and support has told me that the speed pack has been applied for free and it should be working. Well it isn't working..... and I've been told it takes 3 - 5 business days to get it sorted because there are backend difficultues in applying the premium pack to my account. It's day 3 now and I'm wondering whether the 2 additional days for something so simple will matter?

Please help..... this is incredibly frustrating for a new customer. I've never had such a painful onboarding experience wth an ISP.......

Re: New sign up - terrible onboarding experience


Unfortunately all those issues don't sound particularly unique.Smiley Indifferent


Optus MyAccount is a new platform and it can take a while to sort itself out and be hooked up with everything properly. FWIW I would suggest trying via the Phone App for the moment for most of that sort of thing.


The speed boost is also a bit of a variable proceedure. Make sure you occassionally turn off your modem completely for 2 minutes so it might apply. But again it can be a wait and see proposition. 


All I can suggest is that month one isn't the best time for Optus systems. Hopefully it should settle down soonish though.


Peter Gillespie


Re: New sign up - terrible onboarding experience

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That is a poor start. 

There are lots of system maintenance/upgrades going on in the background including MyAccount but this shouldn't excuse all the challenges you're having.

Using the App is a good suggestion from Peter for a few things, Direct Debit set up availability may depend on if you're wanting to do it by card or bank account, what services you have, etc.


If you have a social media account, please send a PM to Optus on Facebook or a DM on Twitter with the details (copying and pasting what you've posted here along with your account and ID info would be sufficient). That way you'll start the conversation and it will remain open with the Social Media team looking into it and resolving it when they're able to, rather than calling/chatting every few days/weeks. 


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Re: New sign up - terrible onboarding experience




I feel your pain. I too am a new customer, and initially all went well, took out  amobile and nbn bundle with fetch tv. Got the nbn router and fetch tv boxes within a couple of days. Set up the wifi and internet and all working well. Tick. However we were waiting, and waiting, for the home phone line to be ported across - this evetually took 8 days, which is when (apparently) the account was activated (even though we had been using the wifi for days). When I rang Optus customer service again to activate the fetch tv I was told it woul dbe 24-48 hours from account activation..hmmm..okay I lived with that. 48 hours came and went, rang them back , on the phone to various people over an hour (online as well to cover all bases) to be told because there is a pending nbn order still on my account that they cannot finalise the activation, and hence cannot get fetch tv codes. After arguing with them to close the pending order (how hard can it be?) they promised it would be done in 24 hours. Guess what? Still not done, so chatted online and then rang them again as well, to be told it could take 48-72 business hours to close a pending order!


I agree with you this is a painful onboarding process, and you do get pushed around various departments who either can't find your account, who can't access certain parts of the account or don't understand what you are asking. Very poor and sadly from reading a lot of previous comments, all too familiar. I may throw a party when I can actually get the optus account fully activated. Wish I was still wth Telstra sometimes......


Re: New sign up - terrible onboarding experience

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Just an update here...... as I've been away overseas for a month and to be honest I lost my patience dealing with Optus support prior to going away.

Since returning last night I figured I'd try and see what state my account was in...... and funnily enough the MyAccount home page looked different and I even managed to setup email billing and direct debit via self-service... who would have thought it!?!?!? I still spent over 1 hour with support this morning getting the speed pack correctly applied but hey... at least it's applied now... ~ 3 months later.....

I understand teething issues with underlying backend system transitions.... but to not communicate this to new sign-ups and then have them waste hours trying to understand what is going on while not receiving any decent form of help via support is terrible. This just reiterates what a cluster*moderated* the whole onboarding experience is with Optus.

I hope this helps future new-signups... basically just give your account some time to be reconciled/transitioned to the new system....  Maybe take an overseas holiday for at least 4 weeks to help you from losing your mind (and hair) dealing with Optus support... Smiley Wink

Optus representatives reading this point please share this thread internally. Optus onboarding and support in general needs to lift their game........... I wonder how many customers are walking away because of the incompentence experienced at various levels, I know I almost did.......

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