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New houses on old site


Hi all,

we had Optus cable at our address which had a single house on it.  We have now knocked down that house and built two side by side townhouses.

The problem is that the old address of number 74 shows up as having cable available but not 74a or 74b


Everything is ready for the cable to be connected but because the new addresses are not in Optus system, we are unable to get the service connected.

Should I just order it for 74 and meet the technician onsite and direct him to the correct house or is there something we can do to get the new addresses registered with Optus?   

Has anyone else had this problem and overcome it? 


Re: New houses on old site


Optus has issues with properties that split. Generally one property will still be connectable. 


When does the NBN arrive in your area? What technology is slated? (Try your neighbours address on the NBN address site checker)


If cable then the NBN will use the Telstra cable connection (the Optus cable will be dismantled shortly). It may be better to install Telstra Cable and then transition to the NBN via that. 


After that you can choose any NBN ISP including Optus. 


Peter Gillespie

Re: New houses on old site


Hi Peter, we've been chasing NBN for the last 8 months or so.  

Best answer so far is that it will probably be in the street around March 2019 with a fibre to the curb service.


Just checked the NBN rollout site you mentioned and it states:  Your home's estimated NBN™ connection date is 25-Jan-2019


If I had an ounce of trust in these companies I'd get a 4G connection in the interim and wait.  I don't though.


I'll see how we go ordering a new service to number 74 with Optus cable and then do the transition to NBN down the track.


Thanks for writing back to me, much appreciated.

Re: New houses on old site


Good Luck,


FWIW while the NBN has had a lot of silly announcements about ready dates (I never understood why they started doing it in the first place given the statistical certainty that in many cases they would be wrong) Anyway after they got on top of the HFC debacle and then got the FTTC permissions they've been asking for for a while now the dates shown should be pretty good. Its the final 12 months of the rollout and there's not many more surprises left.


See you online in 2019 Smiley Happy


Peter Gillespie

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