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New cable install to granny flat

I have just moved into a new house, technically a second dwelling (not a subdivision) and am looking to get a wired internet conection of some sort. At the moment there is no phone line or cable connected to the property. I have called Optus and they told me they cannot connect the legacy hfc cable to my flat because it is not sub divided. Is there any way at all I can get a new cable conection installed? It's going to be hard dealing with the latency on 4g wireless broad band when the pole with the Optus cable is 4 metres from my front door and I can see empty taps waiting to be connected. 


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Re: New cable install to granny flat

Nope. Optus (and Telstra) won't do that. Nor would NBNCo for that matter.


Can you get cable connected to the main house? Offer to pay for it etc. Try get it fixed towards the rear of the house.


But it will essentially be a box on the wall from the street. Out of which comes a standard coaxial cable to your internal wall point. You could just get an electrician to connect your own run of cable to the back of the house (or DIY)


Or just have the Optus modem in the from persons house. Perhaps let them use the wifi for free? Then just plug in a standard cat5 cable (30m?) from the modem to your unit.


Peter Gillespie

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