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Hi, Can anyone offer advice here? I was a cable customer till I sold the house and moved to a duplex only 3 blocks away. The duplex is fronting the street and there is Optus cble on the poles less than 20 metres from my door. I have checked and the automated system tells me only ADSL is available for the property but I am so far from the exchange that smoke signals will be faster. I have just disconnected another reseller with ADL because stability etc was nothing short of pathetic.

My question is can I get the cable connected to a "multi-dwelling" property. It is subject to council rates so I cannot see why not unless there are Optus regulations about this kind of installation? At this point I am willing to pay almost anything to get a decent service installed so I can operate my home based business again.


I look forward to any suggestions or interjections from an Optus rep.


Cheers,  P.C.


Re: New cable connection

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This question has been asked many times and the standard answer has always been no they don't allow cable to multiple dwelling establishments due to legal and technical issues. Having said that I have also read that if you are the front facing until it may be possible to get a drive by appraisal by an Optus employee however I have not seen any information on who you would contact about that.


Short of an Optus staff member jumping onto this post it might pay to give support a call and see if they can point you in the right direction.

Re: New cable connection


Thanks for your input..........given it seems impossible to get a direct email address into Optus to ask the question, is there a rep who can connect me with the right area inside Optus to get a difinitive answer to this?

If I cant have cable I am going to have to go back to school and polish up on my the new generation of smoke signals........but still faster than TPG.

Re: New cable connection


That link I posted does have a contact phone number in one of the replies. Personally I would much prefer adsl over cable providing I wasnt too far from the exchange.

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