New Start up fee for relocation




I have booked a relocation of a month-to-month ADSL2+ plan.


I received an email and the contract mentions a new $200 start up fee. I was just wondering if I am expected to pay a new $200 start up fee for relocation of my service (I am getting ADSL2+ again at the new property and already have the modem and fetch box). Is this something I can claim back once the relocation takes place




Re: New Start up fee for relocation


I take it your new house isn't on the NBN? 


Generally Optus just transfers your existing contract to the new property (no fees, no restarting the contract period back to 24 months etc.)


It sounds like you might be cancelling the existing contract (accidentally?) and starting a new one - something to check on. Regardess Optus only charge a start up fee for new customers to cover initial costs. As a long time customer you shouldn't need to pay it again. You shuld be able to contact someone now and ensure it is waived. 


I'll flag a mod who might be able to check your account status @Dan_C


Peter Gillespie

Re: New Start up fee for relocation


 That's definitely what it sounds like @petergdownload


Feel free to PM us @Dan_222


- Full name


- Account number

I'm happy to take a look Smiley Happy 


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Re: New Start up fee for relocation


Hi Dan


Have sent you a couple of PMs last week




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