New Sagem 3864v3 modem problems


I just changed my cable broadband plan and today i received my Netgear CM500V and the Sagem 3864v3 which is replacing my old Netgear CG3000-1STAUS (which was working fine).


Plugged in the new equipment and computer (connected wirelessly) said it was connected and did the sagem modem but i couldn't get on the net. Tried turning off the sagem and netgear for 10secs etc plus rebooting the pc....still no good. But now it pc says no internet connection. 

The internet light on the sagem also constantly blinks as does the wifi light. Sometimes they will stay solid but only for a few seconds.

Tried troubleshooting which says "The connection between your access point, router, or cable modem and the internet is broken".


Can anyone help? Anyone else had this problem? Would of thought it would of been an easy setup. What would be causing this issue? Going back to my old reliable modem for now. Thanks.

Re: New Sagem 3864v3 modem problems


Have you contacted Optus to make sure the CM450v has been activated? 


Are you plugging the CM450 into the WAN port of the 3864v2? 

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