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I am a new Optus customer and hoping someone from Optus can help me.


 I recently signed up for a bundled phone and ADSL service. Optus advised that my service had been activated on 19/02/2016. However, I have no dial tone till today. I called to log the fault and had an appoinment for a Telstra technician to come out on Sunday 28/02/2016 between 8am - noon.


I stayed at home and the technician (Anil Kumar) turned up at around 10.30am. The first thing he checked was the Telstra box at my place. He tested the cables and said that one of them had a current, which was a good sign (I am not sure what he meant by that, since I still don't have a dial tone). He then told me that he needed to go and check it at the pit, up the road (a few metres from my house).


He worked at the pit for nearly 4 hours and at around 2pm I decided to see how he was going. So I went up the road to talk to him.


So he mentioned that there seemed to be a problem with the cabling from the Telstra pit going into the house. He said he might need to replace it and that he would be back. He drove off and never came back. 


Today, I tried calling Optus to get an update on the fault. It took me an hour of waiting on the line before I could speak to someone. I finally spoke to Shahita. She then called Telstra to get an update. I was told that the technician had left a note on the ticket which mentioned that no one was home and that the connection was ok up to the junction box. 


I was frustrated and could not believe what I heard. The technician didn't tell the truth about what actually happened.


They are now making another appointment for a technician to come out and have a look at the line again. I am just worried that the second technician would repeat the same thing that the first technician did and I would have to go back to square one. 


Can someone please advise if there is anything that Optus can do to prevent the same thing from happening again?


Thank you in advance. 


--- Disappointed Customer



Re: New Phone & DSL Service - No Dial Tone


You're lucky that Optus is arranging a technician to look at the issue. I have a TPG connection & Telstra guy came and connected uptill Junction box and left & didn't even bothered to check if the line was working at my home. I got to know only when I got an email from TPG that my line is up and connection is activated & I was wondering why there wasn't any dialtone... When called TPG they asked me to get a technician for $80 to visit my place & fix the issue. & i told them I would manage & called up the strata guy who came & fixed the issue.


There's nothing much we can do other than being at home or accompanying the guy everytime he goes out... Hope your issue gets sorted out fast.

Re: New Phone & DSL Service - No Dial Tone


Hey natoptus


Sorry to hear of your experience.


Is there any update to this situation? Did your fault get resolved?


I would like to think the second tech did the right thing and you are up and running.


Let us know how you got on Smiley Happy



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Re: New Phone & DSL Service - No Dial Tone



Hello Tris, 


Unfortunately no. Three technician visits and I still have no dial tone. 


The second tech attended twice and finally found the issue but he cannot fix it. He said the root of one of the trees on the street damaged the cabling at the Telstra pit. 


For some reasons, he said he would have to refer us back to Optus to get it fixed. 


I am confused.


Could you please advise whose responsibility is it in this scenario? I dont think Optus can touch Telstra's network??



Re: New Phone & DSL Service - No Dial Tone


Same thing happened to me last month but I got lucky because the Telstra tech was adamant there was no fault on my line. Of course 5 days in a row I wasted 2+ hours waiting to get through to Optus.


**If your phone line was working before you signed up then its all on Optus to fix it. Ask who the name of the person that signed off your activation on the 19th and get them to explain why this person signed off and gave the all clear**

Re: New Phone & DSL Service - No Dial Tone


Sorry to hear natoptus


If you would like to send me through your details via private message I will have a look at the technician notes and see what the next steps are.


I would need your Account Number, Account Name and DOB, feel free to also include any reference numbers that you were provided for the fault.



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Thank you again for organising another technician to come out on Thursday 24/03/2016. 


The following is a summary of what the last technician (Dennis from Telstra) mentioned to us: 


- The tree root at the pit needs to be dug out - he went on saying that Optus needs to do this (an excavation equipment is potentially required)

- The line from the pit to the junction box inside the house needs to be replaced too. 

- Note that he didn't mention that he could get dial tone at the pit either at that time.


I have to organise for my partner's dad to be at our place again for the third time. He lives an hour away.


My worry is that another Telstra tech would come out and did the same things as the previous technicians, trying to identify the same problem that the previous two techs had already identified.


He will find out and think it is too hard for him to fix. He will then close the job and write either the customer is not home or the problem has been fixed.


I think if the next technician came out without any equipments to dig the root at the pit and relayed a new cable from the pit to the junction box, it would be a waste of everybody's time. 


Is there any way for you to relay this information back to Telstra so they can send out the right person with the right equipments? 


It is very frustrating when I have to organise for someone to sit all day at home for nothing. Thank you in advance for your help Jamie!


Re: New Phone & DSL Service - No Dial Tone


If optus or telstra are offering to dig out your root on your property for free i'd be incredibly impressed - this is a very expensive job. 


Please keep us updated.

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