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New Contributor Angiethunt
New Contributor

New Optus customer and New NBN, no connection

Hi guys,  just wondering if anyone else has had the same experience.  


Have supposedly been activated on NBN FTTN  through optus since Thursday just passed. On connection day we were able to see a contractor from telstra working in the hole in the ground and we had no Adsl connection since early that morning.  We expected disruption and thought it was normal. we connected the new optus modem ready to go for when he was finished.  


The contractor finished up around 12pm and we waited until about 4pm before becoming concerned.  (not sure on expected wait but from others stories of connection it was instant.) contacted technical support and they lodged a ticket and we were supposed to hear back the next day. 


Friday (yesterday) comes around and still nothing. All day.  Until about 11pm when we noticed it was up and running. Today it's all fine and dandy,  receiving calls,  internet working until about 12pm, internet disconnects.... Look out the window and see a telstra contractor over at the node again. 


(even on Adsl as our area has been receiving nbn is part of the roll-out whenever someone was working on the hole in the ground we would lose connection but as soon as they finished it would come back on so no dramas there) 


As the telstra guy finishes we wait for it to come back on as usual.  Currently still without internet. 


Has anyone else experienced this issue and is there anything we can do about it because losing it for days at a time... May as well not even pay for a service. 

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Moderator Tris

Re: New Optus customer and New NBN, no connection

Hi @Angiethunt, so sorry for the trouble with your activation. Do you have the ticket number handy? I'll request a follow up call from our Case Management team

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