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I have moved into a newly built house and have been trying to get the internet connected for well over a month now.


I have tried contacting the sales department about getting cable broadband but they say that it is not available at my address, however, my neighbour (who's house was built at the same time) has just installed Optus cable broadband.


The Optus service checker says my other neighbour can get it also.  


The cable connection from under the powerlines is directly in the middle of our two properties, so to run a cable to my house would be under the exact same circumstances as my neighbour that has it.


Could someone please help me. I just can't understand why Optus says that it isn't avaible.



Re: New Home Cable Broadband Connection


Just because your neighbour can get cable doesn't mean you can. At the very least it indicates the infrastructure is in the street but there's a whole list of factors that could prevent you from getting it.


Any chance you live on a subdivided block? There's a chance your address isn't listed in their database or if your property doesn't actually face the street, you won't be able to get it

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