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New HFC Account name

Hi all,


Got Optus cable installed on the 25th of October and have a few questions that I need cleared up.


1.  Fetch Box:  How long should this take to receive?  I have never received any emails or other correspondence giving me a tracking number or even confirmation that it's coming.


2.  Account Name:  When I log into my Optus account, I see my mobile accounts 11 digit number.  When I click on the down arrow to select my cable account, it shows me two options.  The first is my mobile.  It is displayed with my name in bold with the account number underneath it.  The second doesn't have my name at all.  The account number is a mixture of my given name and my birthdate.  Is this right?  I was expecting another 11 digit number.


3.  Cable Account:  When I select the second account, it brings up a page with the following message....


"There's something you should know...

The account needs to be accessed in a new window. You'll be viewing and managing this account in our old website, which will open in a new tab or window. We're doing our best to minimize the length of time that you'll be affected by this.
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Re: New HFC Account name

Hi Nax,


Yes Optus communication after the initial sale is sporadic (at best). Generally once you recieve what you ordered you will get an SMS confirming that you are about to get it. Smiley Indifferent


1) Fetch boxes are generally pretty quick. I'd still give it a bit more time to turn up but no harm in contacting LIVECHAT and asking them to chase it up for you.

2 & 3) Optus is currently migrating from an old billing platform to a new one. Its a bit of a dogs breakfast and often you'll get relayed to old website addresses to access your account (I wouldn't read too much into it)

4) Yep. Defnite room for improvement. 

5) You should get a 5Ghz capable modem (Black one I think). If not contact LIVECHAT and request it be sent out.


If you're worried with late fees set up direct billing (you get the bill as a PDF a week or two earlier for checking). You also get no $2.50 bill fee on Direct Debit. Alternatively just pay $100 or so into your Optus Account via BPay. Optus will deduct any credit first before looking elsewhere.


Peter Gillespie

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