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New Contributor al99
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New Cable Connection Modem + Router XBox user login not working


Just moved house and now back on Optus Cable. Have default Optus Netgear Modem and Sagemcom Router. Last place I was in I had Amaysim NBN and Xbox was fine.

Now when I start the Xbox it won't log in to the users I have setup. It will say internet required even though it is showing an internet connection.

I have read previous tickets about IPv6 issues and port forwarding. I have set the XBox to have a Static IP address. I couldn't find any info though on what ports to open for general XBox use. There was for specific games but not for XBox in general.

If I reboot the modem then the routher then restart XBox it will work for a bit but then after I close it all down etc and restart it will go back to not working again.

This is obviously not a pratical long term solution.

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New Contributor al99
New Contributor

Re: New Cable Connection Modem + Router XBox user login not working

This is still happening but I have found that if I restart the XBox console once or twice it picks it up ok. This is still very frustrating though.


I have to select Restart it as well (through Settings > Restart Console), not just turn it off and on. If I just power it off then on again it still doesn't work.


I still have Netgear modem/router from my NBN Amaysim setup (Netgear NF17ACV). Is there anyway I can replace the Optus router with this?


I tried plugging it in and did't work and couldn't work how to login to the Optus modem that was supplied. I have the details but couldn't work out the IP address to connect to the modem (the router shows up on


Any help appreciated.

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