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New Contributor JohnnyBoy50
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New Cable Connection HELP!

Hi guys,


I’ve recently subdivided my house and built a new duplex (number 12 and 12A). Both have a seperate driveway and street frontage. Tile registration with council and the Lands title office was completed 3 weeks ago. We only have Optus cable servicing our street. I called up and installed Optus cable to my house (#12) without any issues.

My parents now live in #12A and would like to install Optus cable. I’ve called up on their behalf and the sales team have refused connection to #12A. They informed me that #12A is not coming up on their map and therefore will not be able to be served with any Optus services.
Obviously their map isn’t up to date. So I’ve requested for a technician to come and do a “drive by” but they refused.
Both my neighbours are duplexes and both sides have two Optus cable connections for each side.

If anyone can help it will be much appreciated. My parents have no landline and internet because of the issue. I have tried to let Optus know that the house is a new house and that their map isn’t up to date but they won’t understand. I’d love to speak to an Australian Optus customer service person that actually understands me!

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Re: New Cable Connection HELP!

Its a stupid rule and I've no idea why OPtus are so obstinate about getting a new customer (It's also pretty long standing IME)


Personally I would get your internet setup at your house (100bps). Run a single 25m cat6 cable out of your modem and across to your parents house. Plug it into a plug and play switch if you want. Then just split the one bill to Optus. The bandwidth should easily meet your requirements.


When the NBN arrives next year choose your provider to get everyone properly hooked up.


Peter Gillespie

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Moderator GuyCS

Re: New Cable Connection HELP!

Hey @JohnnyBoy50 - I believe we've been talking over Facebook in regard to this. We'll chat there. 

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