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New Contributor

Never received my data sim card but Optus activated my service anyway ?

I ordered the Optus wireless home broadband with bonus 100GB/month data for 200GB/month data.


1. Ordered 18 days ago and still have yet to receive the data sim card – tracking still has it stuck at Austpost confirmed receipt
2. Contacted Optus on Optus Twitter direct message they said the lodged an investigation on May 13th
3. Yesterday contact Optus on chat to explain I still haven't received data sim and what's status of investigation. The chat guy says I should call sales – but on hold for 15+ mins so end call thinking I'd ring back tomorrow
4. Today, received sms text message that they activated my data sim !!! I haven't even received the data sim yet and so i start getting billed for it too ! Why would they activate a data sim card for which I have yet to physically receive ?


Anyone else experience this ?


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Trusted Contributor

Re: Never received my data sim card but Optus activated my service anyway ?

It is normal for new services to eventually start billing.


you can just visit an Optus store to get a SIM for that service.

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