Netgear GC3000 modem issues


I have that rubbish netgear modem connected to a cable broadband service. I want to turn EVERYTHING off except the modem.  Previously I have had good experiences with netgear products but this one is terrible, it will not play nicely with other network hardware. I can and have turned off ther wireless and the DHCP server, but it still seems to be acting as a router/hub. What I want to do is connect directly to a real switch (netgear FVS318) to connect to my home netweork. Given the complete lack of information about this modem I can't find the settings to make this a dumb modem. TIA

Re: Netgear GC3000 modem issues


Hi antechinus55,


Have you had a chance to give the techs a call on 131344 so they can take a look at the settings with you?

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