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Netgear D7800 ADSL problems

I am experiencing issues with using the Optus ADSL service with my netgear D7800 router. It used to work a couple of days back however, its no longer working. The router is unable to detect a signal on the ADSL connection.

Please note that my Optus ADSL service still works with the original modem provided by Optus. Also, note that my Netgear router works perfectly fine with other ADSL connections(tried 3 other). Just does not work with mine.

I suspect its an issue with my ADSL connection as the SNR and Attenuation numbers look a bit skewed. Outputs from Sagemcom router below -
                                         Downstream    Upstream
SNR Margin (0.1 dB):    121                191
Attenuation (0.1 dB):       220                129

Also, I am seeing increasing HEC and Bit errors on the WAN status.

At the other apartments nearby where I have tried my Netgear router successfully, the SNR and Attenuation numbers are a bit different. Average Outputs from Netgear router used at other apartments with ADSL line  listed below -
                                        Downstream    Upstream
SNR Margin     dB    :    5.4                12.0
Attenuation dB    :          36.5            21.3

Tried to contact Optus support however just say that since the Sagemcom works, go back to Netgear to get support.


Any thoughts on this?


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