Netflix free gift expired, what now?


Hi! I claimed the 6 month Netflix gift through Optus at the beginning of the year and it all worked great! However I just got an email saying it is expiring, and that I need to add payment details to continue using Netflix. However, on the Optus website it says:


"When your bonus subscription expires we’ll simply charge your Netflix account to your Optus account, providing you with the convenience of having one bill for all of your home entertainment needs"


Doesn't this mean it isn't necessary to add my credit card details through Netflix itself, as it will be charged to my overall bill?


I've spoken to a few Optus representatives over the last week about it but none have made it clear what needs to be done. They say it will be charged with the total bill, however when I go to access Netflix on any device, I keep getting the error message that says: 


"Your membership is on hold, please add your payment details to continue watching...etc"


What do I do? Any help would be much appreciated!! 

Re: Netflix free gift expired, what now?


Hi angiek7! If you log in to your Netflix account, under the billing section, does it have a payment method? If it says Optus or Carrier Biling then the service should continue to be billed to your Optus account. If you don't want the Netflix charges to appear on your Optus bill, simply complete this form to have your future charges go directly through Netflix. Visit for more information. 

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