Nbn slow duwnliad, dast upload

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I have Optus  NBN to the node which is approximately 30m from my house.


Current download speed 2.09mb/sec & upload 19.2mb/sec.  Been like this all day.


totally backwards to what it should be.  Cant even surf the net.  Thoughts of whaf coukd be causing thus?  I have  reset the router and fetch tv, no joy...... 


Re: Nbn slow duwnliad, dast upload


Hey there,


If your downloads speeds are much lower than your upload speeds, it's an indication that you're affected by congestion in your area rather than anything particular with your connection.


However, let's rule out any issues with your connection first. Can you give the internet troubleshooter page a go and follow the steps?


If you haven't had any luck there, I'd recommend getting in touch with the Optus Technical Support team. They're available 24/7 via phone, or via live chat (


Let us know how you go! We're here to help.

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