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NO cable internet for almost a week, optus has no clue


I'm writting here to vent some frustration of not having cable internet for almost a week, and everytime I speak to someone in optus i get a different story...


First I get told, it's my cable modem. Optus will send me a cable modem.

then I get told no, a technician will visit the exchange, and only if needed your premises.

then I get told, no, a technician will need to visit your premises.


I get the modem on wednesday, which I plug in, just to see the orange light, same issue.

Today Thursday, technician is no show, I speak to online support, and they say they will call me tomorrow to give me an update.

wouldn't you call someone inmediately if  you miss the appointment?


Seriously Optus? How do you expect to keep your customers???? I relly on the internet for work, and have to relly on my dongle..


Sadly, the NBN is not in my area, and I live too far from the exchange for ADSL..., so in 2019..., living in certain areas in sydney gets you no choice.


How is Optus going to keep me as a customer when the NBN arrives makes me wonder....







Re: NO cable internet for almost a week, optus has no clue


Sorted, have the person to speak to someone in dispatch to get status of technician.


Re: NO cable internet for almost a week, optus has no clue


Thanks for the update @BlackMonk


What's the actual issue here? Have we been able to identify the cause of the fault?

If you have the fault # handy, we can always take a look.


Let us know. 


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