NETGEAR genie CG3000v2 Firmware v2.07.05

Optus support people are tech savvy wonder workers. Previously they recommended that we use MAC filtering (Access Contron option) to slow down people using up our data quota overnight. It was an excellent suggestion and the problem was solved.

With the Firmware Update v2.07.05, theNETGEAR genie CG3000v2 has lost the ACCESS Control function croon the Advanced Security options.

MAC address filtering stopped most unauthorised log ons here, so we didn't have to change passwords (many of the family do not like password changes and our long password were regularly defeated).

Could Optus users be able to go back to the Firmware version that had MAC filtering on the NETGEAR genie CG3000v2? Was that v2.07.04? Or could ACCESS CONTROL - MAC address filtering be brought back with a firmware update?

Maybe this is a question for Optus engineering?

Thank you for the great support Optus.

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