That's no good at all. Smiley Sad We may be able to locate him via our call logs, if you can provide the dates/times of the calls that would be a big help. I'm unable to publish my email address in this public forum, however you can message me privately here.



I don't know where to go to post my experience but hope this works. I have a restaurant and NBN have confused our address and as an outcome one week ago disconnected our adsl internet. After speaking with both Optus and NBN the service was reconnected and I was told to remember that we are not listed in the NBN records as shop one but instead unit one. On Thursday my land line was disconnected because of the same issue of the address not being accurate in their records. I have been on the optus emergency chat line last night until 1am and today between 9am to 1.30pm on the phone talking to many differect departments with no success. My prime time in my restaurant is Friday and Saturday night and they have managed to destroy the possibility of bookings. I am sooooooooo upset and can't beleive that as a business connection have to wait till Monday before my phone can be activated again. Has anyone else had a similar experience?



Hi distressed. Sounds like a right stuff up. Seems more NBNCo in this instance but Optus are your link to the NBNCo so its up to them to sort this out. That said they have no direct control over NBN actions.


The main immeadiate issue appears to be your landline phone number? I assume there's no way they can temporaryily divert the number to a  mobile number? You should be able to do this online in MYACCOUNT?


Seperate to this, as a business you should investigate backup options for such a critical part. There's no guarantee a landline will not go down for an extended period any time.


Peter Gillespie




Hey @distressed - sounds like you haven't had much luck with us lately. Terribly sorry. 


Can you please send through a private message confirming your account number, full name and DOB so we can take a look? 

Also, if you've been provided with any reference numbers, that would also help. 

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