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I am experiencing frequent occasions when my NBN modem drops out for a minute or two. I've tried reporting this to optus but by the time the phone is on line again naturally there is no problem. On only one occasion have I been able to speak to someone and she reckoned it was a "normal?" dropout. Is anyone else having this problem. I wondered if resetting the modem might have any effect but I'm not real certain how to do this. I know there is a reset button but is pushing that all there is to it ? Dropouts started when I was watching Netflix, presumably noticed because I was on the net for long periods. Lately it has occurred three times while I was on the phone. Very annoying. Any suggestions?

Re: NBN modem dropouts


Some reading I have done suggests that there are ocassional problems with the frequency of the Ariss NBN sub-modem (the grey small modem you got apart from the Optus Sagecom modem).  The only way to check this is to get the Optus techs to do a line test (which they can do with them whilst you are on the phone).  This will check your line from the street pit to the house and your modems.  As to resetting there are two methods.


The "soft reset":  Basically all you do is turn the power off feeding both modems...wait for thirty seconds and then turn them back on.  This forces the modems to pick up the connection again, do an electronic "handshake" with the Optus server and start your service again.  Now, if you do this your internet will take about three minutes to come back online.  Be patient.


The "hard reset": 

1/ Get a wooden toothpick (DO NOT USE A METAL PIN)

2/ Look carefully at the back of each will see a tiny hole with the word "RESET" above it.

3/ Reset the Ariss NBN sub-modem (the smaller grey box with the NBN logo on it)  first by pushing the toothpick into the hole until you feel a switch resistance.  Hold the toothpick down for at least 20 seconds or so and then release.  Do this with power on.

4/ Do the same thing with the Sagecom modem.

5/ Wait for the service to come back on line (usually about 2 or 3 minutes).

6/ Test your line speed here:

7/ Keep an eye on your sevice to see if you have further drop outs.

Now SOMETIMES a hard reset will cause your modem to "forget" your username and password.  Don't panic...these are printed on a sticker on the bottom of the Sagecom modem.  Just input the details if requested.


Good luck

Re: NBN modem dropouts


Thanks, Tommy, but I received only one modem, a Sagemcom Gateway F@st 38640P. I've done many soft resets to no avail. When I ring optus they do a line check, but by then the modem is back on. Apparently they can see the dropout has occurred but the only person I have been able to speak with said that is a normal dropout. Good stuff, eh!!

Re: NBN modem dropouts


Hmmm... are you on HFC cable NBN?  What connection do you have?  If you are on HFC cable NBN you must have the secondary Ariss modem which looks like a smaller modem, greyish in colour.  It accepts the first connection with the flylead from the wall plate outlet to the device itself.  A network patchcord is connected from the Ariss NBN box to the Sagecom modem.  Oh matter.  If you just have the one modem then try the hard reset using the method I described.  It MIGHT help (I certainly hope so) but if there are line problems on the NBN side on the power poles or in the supply pit or cabinet you will have to push Optus to complain to the NBN.

Re: NBN modem dropouts


Tommy, my connection is fibre to the node only. An NBN technician was supposed to come to instal a wall plug for NBN but no one came. I connected to one of the original wall sockets and everything worked fine. The dropouts seem to be getting more frequent. I did a modem reset yesterday and within ten minutes of watching netflix it dropped out again. Dropouts never seem to last more than about 2 minutes then everything works fine ( until the next time) Trying to report to Optus through the stupid button press system is useless. They give me a fault report number then later an sms to tell me the fault is fixed but it isn't.

Re: NBN modem dropouts


Hey @Chubby, if you'd like to send me a PM with your full name, DOB and account number we can take a look at your FTTN line profile, it may be unstable.

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Yes, I've been enjoying Optus NBN (no bloody network) since late July.

Even trying to enter this response I've had to reset the Arris CM8200 twice.

Some days we have been able to get a couple of hours straight without resetting something.

Some mornings I am unable to get a connection no matter how many times I reset the device which is very frustrating as I rely on this access to connect to work before I go into the office.


So what I've found so far is that resetting the Optus supplied modem does nothing.

Resetting the Arris device by pulling the power brings everything back online, (well maybe 2/3 of the time, oh and 1 in 5 times for the phone LOL), after about 3 to 5 minutes.

So our current set up is having the power supply within easy reach to cycle the power.

So much for 21st century NBN technology.


And there we go again, in the time it's taken to type the above paragraphs, I now have to reset the device again to even be able to post this.


I wonder... If we get online 20% of the time, does that mean we only have to pay 20% of the bill???


C'mon guys, I've been with Optus for ages but this is really testing my patience.



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G'day Amix. It sounds like I shouldn't complain as my problem seems minor compared with yours and others. With mine, when it drops out all I do is sit with my phone in hand and when I get the dial tone I know the modem is up again .. no resetting at all. This usually takes 2 - 3 minutes. The next instance could be anywhere from an hour to a couple of days although lately is has been occurring every few hours. My complaint stems from the fact that I am no spring chicken and if I was phoning for an ambulance I'd like to know I could get one without a phone dropout

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Had my Optus NBN installed on Thursday but didn't get the Sagecom modem to Friday. Arris box is regularly dropping connection. Downstream light is solid, but upstream regularly stays flashing, thus it is offline. Done all the usual, reset, did a hard reset with the optus support. It worked for about 15 minutes in the morning, then didn't come back until the afternoon. Stayed working for an hour or so then lost connection again.  Rebooted the Sagecom and the Arris (going by the lights) rebooted itself too. Internet came back online again.

So far my NBN connection has been down more than it has been up. I have fetch TV and I now have picture pixelating most likely from the lack of speed (have 25/5). Speed test (when working) is around 20mb download, so this should be more than sufficient considering nothing else is downloading on the connection.

I have been using Optus Cable for the last 20 odd years without any major complaint. I now pay more for a slower speed (bar upload) , less fetch channels and less landine 'inclusions' than my old plan.  The NBN is a downgrade with constant drop outs. This is totally unacceptable. You are supplying a connection which is not fit for purpose. Give me back my cable connection - it was better and stable.

Re: NBN modem dropouts


This was exactly the problem I was having for 3 weeks after having the NBN connected (HFC), ie random droputs for 5-10 mins several times throughout the day. Called Optus and complained. They 'reset' everything at their end but it didn't fix the problem. They then sent an NBN technician out to take a look.  Seems the original guy did a bit of a rush job. The new tech changed the old connectors in the Foxtel box that hadn't been used for many years, and also changed the connectors in the pit out front of the house.  It's now a week since they were here, and I haven't had any dropouts, so it looks like it was just old and dodgy connectors causing the problem!!

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