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NBN issue - wanting to cancel


Im having a number of issues for the past few months with Optus, and I want to try and cancel my contract.

Issues such as..

* Taking months to set up my new ADSL 2 for my new apartment (promised ETA was i think 2 weeks?)

* Keeps saying I put down for the wrong address.. I looked at my App conversation it was the CORRECT address the whole time, however they keep making the same mistake of putting in the incorrect address.

Finally get ADSL2 but....

* VERY high ping while streaming, gaming and working from home. Seeked tech support numerous times for over 3 months however usually the same answer of "we have fixed it on our side now it should be ok" Optus still refused to send in technicians to take a look even when I was willing to pay for the technician call in

* Each phone call I have made or assistance on the App, they switch me to department to department

6 month later, Advised to switch to NBN then the problem will be solved, so I did and the issue has gotten worse..

* Been offered to recontract and they will waver the start up fee and I only need to pay for the 70$ as I was before, next bill comes they charged me over $300

* They recreditted the incorrect charges however now they are saying I never had the NBN to begin with?? I went throught the whole process of transferring to NBN and a technician visited my property, and called numerous times to check if its been sorted. and only TODAY i figure out im on my ADSL still???? my current internet is ADSL (I never noticed the difference) and Iv been paying for NBN PLUS the sum they have over charged. Its even all on writing via the APP that I AM NOW CONNECTED TO NBN

* Been on call with these guys for roughly 3hr now, forwarded to 7 different department, needing to repeat my story each time then telling me "your address is wrong" and you never activated NBN.

Fed up with this, and I refuse to pay the cancellation fees, I need to cancel with Optus ASAP

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Honoured Contributor

Re: NBN issue - wanting to cancel

Sounds pretty bad. What does the NBN Address checker say your status and technology is? FTTN?

Have you recieved a new modem at any point? What sort of speeds does a speed test report you get?

There should be scope to finish up with Optus after that shamozzle, just trying to get where you are at now. 

Peter Gillespie

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