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NBN home phone without cable

How do I use a DECT phone without connecting the phone base to the NBN modem? I would like to be able to see and access voice messages on the phone base, but the NBN modem is in a location where I won't go often. Can I connect the DECT phone base to the NBN via a wireless connection and place the phone base where I want?

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Re: NBN home phone without cable

I had posted a fix for you but the mods took it down, I think, because I put in a link to where you could purchase something to fix your problem.  You can buy a wireless telephone extension unit which will solve your problem for you.  Basically you get two units...the first would plug into your modem and then into a powerpoint.  It then sends the phone signal to the second unit (also plugged into a powerpoint).  You plug your second unit into the landline phone you want to use and, presto, you have a phone service without having to run a huge cable back to your modem.  Google this: "DECT Wireless telephone jack" and then you can search for a local seller of the device.  I checked Ebay for you but had no luck.