NBN dropouts, slow speed, no connection and wifi


Hi All,

i have been having a lot of issues with Optus nbn ever since I have got them Dec 2016. It’s been a year of hell. Every month I have had to call them in regards to no connection, dropouts( in some cases upto 10 times a month) I get no response as mostly the wait is longer than 30 minutes. They never call you back. They blaming dropouts on NBN as one of customer service agent advise me that as per nbn guidelines if there are 3 or less dropouts then it’s ok. I have an email sent by an Optus tech support as just in first 6 months from dec 16 to June 2017 I had in excess of 1000 dropouts to which Optus decline to comment.

They said I must call every time I have a dropout which means upto 3 phone calls a day with more than half an hour wait and I need to be at home. In November I had no internet connection for 3 days and when I contacted Optus they blamed it on nbn but our neighbours who are with telstra had no issues. I have contacted TIO and after their discussion with Optus they have advised me that I should go to ACCC. From online threads I have found that I am not the only one. Today my cheap Optus modem have stop connecting wi fi to other devices. I’m only writing here to see if the higher authorities at Optus know what’s happening with their customers. FYI I have been with Optus for last 17 years but never had these issues before but last 1 year has been hell.

Time to contact ACCC to help.

Re: NBN dropouts, slow speed, no connection and wifi


Not sure the ACCC will be much help. The TIO is fully empowered to arrange resolutions and correct issues but if they've found nothing they can act on then they will just punt everyone to the ACCC as a matter of routine. Not saying don't talk to the ACCC, but don't get your hopes up too high. 


FWIW you don't need to call everytime to report dropouts. 


You don't say what NBN tech you have? FTTN? HFC?


What plan? 12, 25 or 100Mbps?


Is it just drop outs that are the problem? Or is the speed an issue?


I assume you've swaped the modem over at some point (standard practice with dropouts)? Also make sure any cables between the modem and the wall and screwed in tightly. 


By dropouts are you refering to over your home wifi network or is it also wired? Are they brief or extended disconects?




Peter Gillespie

Re: NBN dropouts, slow speed, no connection and wifi


Hi Peter,

Thanks for your reply.

I Think it’s fttn.

The speed plan is 25mbps.

TIO did find issues with Optus service but they couldn’t enforce as Optus kept on blaming NBN. Hence they advised to take the matter to ACCC and tribunal.

To make matters worse I don’t have a phone line connection since 22/12 when nbn tech rocked up, that’s no phone for 7 days and still not sure when it will be fixed.

This is becoming really bad now.

Clearly Optus is breaching their duty to provide service to customers that they charge them for.

In addition to ACCC I’m planning to start a campaign online to see how big the issue is with customers and let’s take this to next level to teach Optus a lesson.



Re: NBN dropouts, slow speed, no connection and wifi


Really appreciate reading about this as we are due to receieve NBN in our suburb in 2018 and i am already having a terrible time with Optus over their ADSL2+ service ie. drop outs, very slow speeds etc..   This is 3rd world internet service in Australia, an absolute disgrace.  And i wonder what SingTel has to say about this since they own/co-own Optus?  I fully agree Telcos need to be made fully accountable since we are paying them for a service which they clearly are not able to provide.    

Re: NBN dropouts, slow speed, no connection and wifi


Its a tough time of year to try get things fixed.


Am surprised the TIO didn't get more involved. They essentially look to ensure contractual obligationsa are being met. They can't order Optus to give you "good internet" but they can order Optus to allow you to exit any contract without penalty. As a FTTN customer you'll likely get a letter from Optus before March allowing you to exit you contract anyway (Part of a wider ACCC order to Optus for incorrectly advertising FTTN top speeds)


You can possibly just request to leave (or ask the TIO to request it). Being on the NBN now its very (very) easy to switch to another provider and you might find they are better at resolving NBN issues.




Peter Gillespie

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