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Occasional Contributor bigwoodrz
Occasional Contributor

NBN Slow at night

All of a sudden the NBN is slow at night causing buffering of Foxtel Now.

Previuosly last month all was okay and no problems.

We have FTTP on 100gb and has been fantastic up until the start of April.

Have tried all the usual stuff to try and fix but no go.

During the day we have no problems and streaming is excellent.

After so many reboots and changing of Options it is stil no improvement at night around 20:30 onwards.

My Streaming is connected via Ethernet directly and has been checked and double checked.

So after all my work and frustrations no improvement has been forthcoming from my actions.

For a quick speed check at night I use a wifi connection and get single figure speed. During the day speed check is in the region of 50/50gb so the problem seems to be my broadband connection being swamped at night.

What can I do please ?.



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Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor

Re: NBN Slow at night

Not much unless you change to a provider that pays for CVC bandwidth.

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