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NBN Routers & Service with 4G Backup

Hi Optus Staff and Forum Members,


I think this has been asked before, but could please the Optus Staff reading my comments below raise them with the highest levels at Singtel Optus including the Broadband Product Offering Managers at Optus?


I have been a faithful, long-term Optus HFC Cable & home VOIP customer and just received a letter advising that my street in Panania NSW will have NBN FTTC installed in the coming months.  A lot of my friends, many other Optus customers and I would like Optus to offer a NBN router and service with 4G (and 5G when available) backup.


Vodafone and Telstra have this offering.  For Optus customers it will mean no dropouts to their internet service when the NBN looses connectivity and I have been reading that this happens a lot.  Implementing this type of offering will make Optus competitive and keep customers happy.


Hope to hear some positive developments on my suggestion (which I think many others also have).


Kind regards,


Mr Wish We Had A Fully Optical Fibre & Non Dropping Out NBN

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Re: NBN Routers & Service with 4G Backup

If you are suffering "NBN FTTC Drop outs", this means your internal copper is not up to scratch. By this, I mean you lose the chain link and VDSL light on your NBN FTTC NTU.


If your drop outs, aren't from there, but are your router WiFi, then getting 4G backup won't solve this problem.

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