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NBN Power of Internet Adaptors


Hi there I want to move my Wi-Fi router from the front of the house to a more central location. I want to know if I use a PoI system, can I plug the internal NBN fibre cable into a PoI connection and plug the Wi-Fi router in another room to the other PoI connection. This should improve Wi-Fi in the central area of the house and reduce or eliminate the need for a Wi-Fi extender. My main concern would be any loss in data speed using this option.


Re: NBN Power of Internet Adaptors


The speed will drop. Impossible to say by how much as it depends on your home wiring.


The speed should generally be faster than wifi though so you'd likely only notice it for a cable connection. 


Optus sell them online here for $40.


Any chance you could run a cat5 cable under the house from the NBN unit to where you want to put the modem?




Peter Gillespie


Re: NBN Power of Internet Adaptors


Thanks for that. There isn't enough space under the house to facilitate a cat and cable installation. I'll set it up and do a speed test to see what speed loss there is.

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