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NBN Fibre Phone Service


Hi all,


Just wondering, does Optus offer a Fibre Phone NBN Phone Service.


This service is where you have your phone directly plugged in by a standard RJ-12 connector to one of the UNI-V ports on the NBN Connection Box. With this connection you are not using VOIP and therefore do not require Optus specific settings.


As such, as I understand it, you could then plug directly from the specified Uni-D ports via Ethernet cable into the WAN port of your choice of routers. This would definitely alleviate the mess with port forwarding that a lot of members are experiencing.





Re: NBN Fibre Phone Service


Hey GregT, we don't currently offer any services over the UNI-V ports on the NBN NTD. All our voice services are VoIP through the Optus modem sorry.

Re: NBN Fibre Phone Service


There are two phone ports on the NBN fibre box. Telstra uses these for their phone services. As a matter of course they also provide a battery backup unit when connecting the phone service. This was for a stand alone phone service. Don't know what the arrangement is for a phone/internet bundle.

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