NBN Extremely slow, OPTUS not interested, how to cancel


Hi Optus,


I am sick and tiered of optus. Unable to even contact on chat and phone line.

We joined NBN, the line speed is up to 50-100mbps. I am getting 6 mbps. Complained for 6 months, nothing has been done apart from false promises by technical team. I am radiologist, need to download images for work.

Struggling to get through or get the right answer. I have complained to online complaint department, nothing has happened.

Please help how to even get throught optus. Even went to the shop who sold us the broadband in Indooroopilly shopping centre in Brisbane, does not want to know.



IF you cannot resolve, please help us to cancel contract.





Re: NBN Extremely slow, OPTUS not interested, how to cancel


Same here. Very VERY poor service. 

Re: NBN Extremely slow, OPTUS not interested, how to cancel

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Optus are legally required to get the stated speeds to your home on the NBN. They must refund months it doesn't happen and allow you to exit any contract without penalty if they can't fix it.


You need to speed test over a wired connection to the modem to confirm the speed. Optus should also be able to confirm the speed at their end. NBN Technicians can be sent out on your request (any time) to confirm for you and fix anything needed. If the issue is your home setup (IE your fault) you will pay the $250 call out fee)


6 months is too long though. Start recording your speed tests. Lodge a formal written complaint and if not resolved in a few weeks contact the TIO.


Peter Gillespie

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