NBN Duplex Installation Delay Issue




My name is David I live in Sydney.


I'm having issue on NBN. My entire area include next door neighbors is now nbn serviceable but only my premise is not. Its been delayed at least 5 times and next available date is in June 2020 before they say installation at each June 2019. 


I live in Duplex house. I had contacted my local minister John Alexander with no luck as I'm very frustrated with the upload speed of 1mbps. If anyone got any suggestion comment below.



Re: NBN Duplex Installation Delay Issue


It would be frustrating and sounds pretty strange. If you punch in your address here it says 12 months to go? If you punch in your other duplex address its ok? The neighbours are also ok to get the NBN?


What technology are you expected to be getting? WHat are you using now? Optus Cable? Do you know if your neighbours are connected?


FWIW 1Mbps upload speeds are the long standing upload speed so your current connection is working correctly.


What Postcode and nearby street name are you at?


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Re: NBN Duplex Installation Delay Issue


I read some time ago that NBN were de-prioritising difficult installations in order to progress their rollout as quickly as possible. So in other words, they'd install in an entire street bar 1% of homes that were deemed difficult and then move on and come back and complete those at a later date (likely that new date the NBN site provides you).


I don't think this was the exact article I read but seems to cover the same thing -


I'm not sure there's many options from an NBN point of view unfortuantely. I would try writing to the federal communications minister. I did this myself due to issues with NBN and not getting any love from RSP's or the NBN and it eventually caused me to be escalated to the state manager for NBN which is where I got progress (not the same issue as you though).


Failing that, you may want to look at 4G options as Optus and other providers are now providing better download/upload quotas and speeds these days, especially if you're getting 1Mbps up. 

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Re: NBN Duplex Installation Delay Issue




My area is Putney NSW 2112, my entire area is NBN Serviceable from early this month. It was spose to delay until June 2019 but last week NBN Co website changed date to June 2020. Im not sure im ever going to get NBN installed it delayed at least 5 times.


At the moment i'm using Optus Unlimited Cable 100mbps but the upload is non existent at 2mbps as i create content for my Youtube and other channel uploading 20 minutes video took 2 and half hours which is ridicoulius.


If anyone have any contact of NBN please PM me, I had contacted my local minister John Alexander of Bennelong no use he say i have to wait it out while i waited 5 times keep on more delay.



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