NBN Cooling Off Period - Contract set up through an external company not myself direct


I was connected to the $60 NBN Plan with Optus through a company that helped me set up my utilities and internet at a New Rental property I have recently moved into. I'm 12days into the contract with Optus and I want to cry.


The first day (Friday 13th  Oct) it was installed, I went through 3 people try and get the connection set up. I was continuosly told that I had to wait for NBN to finish their side of things before Optus can start my internet connection, Keeping in mind that the NBN Technician had already set everything up 3 days prior (Tuesday) to me receiving the modem. At 4pm on Friday, I was told I had to wait 4hrs before my internet would be connected for me to use. At 10pm the internet still hadn't connected. I went through multiple phone menu's until I got through to a representitive who helped me connect my internet, 1 hour later. 


Since then, I have not been able to watch any movies because it stops 20 times throughout the whole thing (no exaggerating), I online game which lags like crazy and I'm the only person in the household who uses the internet!


The provider who set up my connection with Optus told me that this plan should "Meet my needs" and that's the biggest BS ever.


Can anyone please tell me if there is a cooling off period? I don't want to be with Optus, this is the worst experience!


Re: NBN Cooling Off Period - Contract set up through an external company not myself direct

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A cooling off period generally only applies if Optus contacts you directly to sell a product (Its 10 business days


I don't think it applies in your case. Its also possible you have a contract with the company that helped you, not Optus? Can you confirm?


FWIW The $60 plan is the lowest internet option and really only useful for browsing the web and phone calls. What movies are you watching? If its HD then 1Mbps could struggle in peak hour.


You will need to switch to the $80 NBN plan that provides 25Mbps and much better suited to your usage it would appear. You also get a free Fetch PVR for streaming Netflix etc.


What suburb are you in?


That said you should be checking your current speeds a bit at the moment. Google "speedtest" and run the speed test provided. Try it during peak (6pm -11pm) and off peak and get some results.




Peter Gillespie

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