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New Contributor jedd777
New Contributor

My phone has dial tone but when i ring, every number comes up busy..I cant get through to Optus,

Hi there, Hope someone can help me. 2 Wks ago i rang Optus to see if i could get cheaper Wifi deal...Id previously been on a bundle plan, wifi,home ph and mobile but  after 2 yrs i didnt need the mobile,so i went with home and net.Then when i rang 2 wks ago  Optus said i could pay as much as now,only i could have the mobile calls exc for same price..So, i was told someone would be here in my home to connect exc,.I waited for days,,Then i walked to phone box, then rang from a friends mobile. as i couldnt  find my mobile and i didnt know how to connect the wifi..  After alot of frustration i managed to connect it, but my home phone has a Dial tone, but i cant ring anyone,,and i cant get my mobile going,as the Sim Optus  sent me broke and i cant CONTact them to send another,  ive  tried.. I dont know why ive only dial tone, I  need the phone as my Health at the moment isnt great..I cant  remember what email i signed up with.  Ive  tried to change it to my yahoo,,I go to my emails. click on link, go back to optus, put the new email in.and it asks me for my OLD one...I cant win......I need the phone,I have no other way to ring the Ambos if anything goes wrong, as it did last wk.I am pulling my hair out..Oh, and with the nbn ,i was turned off last week,had no nothing for 3 days..

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RetiredModerator AlexRH

Re: My phone has dial tone but when i ring, every number comes up busy..I cant get through to Optus,

Hey there @jedd777, not what we like to hear Smiley Sad We definitely don't want the activation process to cause any additional stress!

Can you please clarify what happens when you make a call? You mentioned that you get a dial tone, are you hearing any tones or voice recordings when you make a call? Can you receive calls? 


Would recommend running through some of the steps within our troubleshooting guide here, let us know how you go! 

I’m part of the Yes Crowd team, employed by Optus to help run our online community. This guide explains how everything works on here and you should also check out our Community Guidelines.

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